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  • Artwork of Moon Formation by Mark Garlick
    The Art and Books of Mark A. Garlick
  • supernova space art by Mark Garlick
    Space Art
    Created by a former astronomer
  • plate subduction artwork by Mark Garlick
    Earth Sciences
    The goings-on beneath your feet...
  • hurricane cutaway artwork by Mark Garlick
    Earth Sciences
    ...And above
  • tyrannosaurus rex hunting by Mark Garlick
    Paleo art, from dinosaurs...
  • coal swamps carboniferous period by Mark Garlick
    Prehistory other creatures
  • alien invasion sf artwork by Mark Garlick
    Science Fiction
    Robots, futuristic cities, aliens...
  • artwork of Stephen King's Waste Lands Dark Tower by Mark Garlick
    Sometimes I succumb to the Dark Side
  • atoms garlick bohr model
    A selection of odds and ends
MG Creative Logo MG Creative Logo

All artwork on this site is copyright © Mark A. Garlick unless indicated otherwise. Use of any of these images without my permission in advance, regardless of where or how, including personal and non-profit websites, is a breach of my copyright.

Do the decent thing and ask. Thank you.

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