Books: The Illustrated Atlas of the Universe


Packed with hundreds of photos, maps and illustrations, this atlas is your passbook to the cosmos and our place in it. It explains how it fits together – and how you can get out there and see it for yourself.
        The book is split into ten chapters. The first eight present an inventory of the Universe's main contents: the Solar System, the Nearest Stars, the Local Neighbourhood, the Milky Way, the Local Group of Galaxies, and the Universe of Galaxies. Chapter nine guides you through the seasons, and shows what you can see in the sky in a given direction – north or south of the equator, any time of year. And the final chapter details all constellations, picking out features such as famous nebulae, stars and galaxies.
        I wrote the entire text and contributed many of the artworks, diagrams and maps.

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Book The Illustrated Atlas of the Universe

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