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This page shows my most recent images and animations - those that I have done and added to this site in the last six months. Those marked 'New' are less than four months old. To view more recent works you will need to register for an account. There are currently 2722 images and 342 animations in my entire repertoire. Once registered, you will then be able to search this entire body of my work, and - if you wish - you can add those that take your fancy to your own personal set of favourites. The latter requires writing to a database specific to a given user, which is why you need an account. This website does not use cookies.
      I ask for no personal information from you to create your account, not even your email addess. I simply ask you to create a username - it doesn't have to be an email address - and password for you to be able to log on.
      Thank you and I hope you enjoy using this site.

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