Human Vs Tyrannosaurus

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Tyrannosaurus rex compared to humans, artwork. This dinosaur lived in North America and Asia from about 70 million years ago until the extinction of the dinosaurs some 5 million years later. The head is heavily built, to withstand impacts with prey animals, and has the sharp teeth of a predator. T. rex is thought to have been a scavenger as well as a hunter. Among the largest carnivorous dinosaurs, T. rex was up to 6 metres tall, 12 metres long and weighed as much as 7 tonnes.

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Title: Human Vs Tyrannosaurus

Date: 20 Apr 2022

Category: Infographics

Keywords: art, artwork, illustration, Tyrannosaurus, Late Cretaceous period, dinosaur, extinct, fauna, infographic, therapod, cutout, cut out, size comparison, human, scale, meat eater, carnivore