Human Vs Giganotosaurus

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Artwork showing the relative scale of humans and Giganotosaurus. Meaning 'giant southern reptile' this 12-m-long (39-ft) carnivore was the apex predator in what is now Argentina during the Late Cretaceous Period, around 99 millions years ago. It was comparable in size - possibly slightly larger - than Tyrannosaurus rex - but they never crossed paths, as they lived 30 million years apart in different regions of the Americas.

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Title: Human Vs Giganotosaurus

Date: 17 May 2022

Category: Infographics

Keywords: animal, apex, Argentina, carnivore, compared, comparison, dinosaur, extinct, fauna, giant, Giganotosaurus, human, infographic, Late Cretaceous, meat-eater, paleoart, paleontology, scale, size, theropod