Tyrannosaurus with Prey - V2

Image may be cropped. Click to view. Tyrannosaurus with Prey - V2


Tyrannosaurus rex was an apex predator of the Late Cretaceous period, living in the last 2 million years of that time (68-66 million years ago). It had the strongest bite of any known dinosaur, more than enough to puncture bone. Its arms, though small, were well muscled and it may have used them to grasp prey during a kill. Its main method of attack was an ambush. It would run at the prey with its mouth agape and inflict a crushing bite. Estimates for its speed vary widely but it's unlikely it could run much faster than 10-25 mph because it would require far bigger leg muscles than it possessed. It probably fed on triceratops, edmontosaurus and similar animals. Here it is shown with a recent kill - an ornithomimid.

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Title: Tyrannosaurus with Prey - V2

Date: 17 Apr 2022

Category: Paleo

Keywords: art, artwork, illustration, dinosaur, paleoart, palaeoart, palaeontology, paleontology, animal, T rex, tyrannosaurus, predator, apex, extinct, fauna, Cretaceous period, hunter, theropod, feathers, feathered, prey, ornithomimid