OSIRIS-REx Sample Return - V2

Image cropped - click to view OSIRIS-REx Sample Return - V2


In the first mission of its Kind, NASA's OSIRIS-REx was launched in September 2016 with the aim of extracting a sample of regolith from an asteroid and returning it to Earth. The spacecraft touched down on the asteroid 101955 Bennu in September 2020 and successfully scooped up several hundred grams of material. It is scheduled to return to Earth in September 2023, where the sample will be sent to the surface, and its contents analysed by scientists.

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Title: OSIRIS-REx Sample Return - V2

Date: 21 Jul 2023

Medium: Blender, Photoshop

Client: BBC Sky at Night Magazine

Category: Hardware

Keywords: Adobe Photoshop, asteroid, Bennu, Blender 3D, Earth, gibbous, mission, NASA, OSIRIS-REx, probe, sample return, spacecraft, space craft