Formation of the Moon - V2

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Stages in the formation of the Earth-Moon system. The Earth had recently formed (4600 million years ago) when it was struck by a large protoplanet, sometimes dubbed Theia, roughly three times the mass of Mars. Theia and Earth were completely obliterated by the oblique impact, which created a donut-shaped cloud of molten rock and gas called a synestia. In time the centre of this coalesced to form the new Earth, while the remaining debris formed the Moon, at a distance roughly one-tenth of where it is today.

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Title: Formation of the Moon - V2

Date: 15 Oct 2023

Medium: Blender, Photoshop

Client: Solar System, Infographics

Category: Infographics

Keywords: Adobe Photoshop, astronomy, birth, Blender 3D, collide, collision, debris, formation, gibbous phase, impact, molten, natural satellite, planet Earth, sequence, Solar System, synestia, Theia, the Moon