Last of Her Kind

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In the aftermath of the Chicxulub impact weeks or months earlier, the last remaining non-avian dinosaurs struggle to eke out an existence. The heat from infalling debris initially led to a rise in temperature so great that many animals would have been killed within days. Weeks later, our planet's atmosphere is choked with soot, dust and other deposits, cutting off the Sun, and global temperatures have plummeted. Without the Sun for photosynthesis, plants die off worldwide, collapsing the food chain. Here, a lone, injured and half-starved Dakotaraptor surveys the remains of her territory in what will be known, 66 million years later, as Hell Creek.

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Title: Last of Her Kind

Date: 28 Jul 2023

Medium: Blender, Photoshop

Client: Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Category: Paleo

Keywords: Adobe Photoshop, aftermath, ash, Blender 3D, climate change, Cretaceous period, Dakotaraptor, dinosaur, extinction, global, Hell Creek, ice, landscape, RedBubble, snow