Licensing My Works

Almost all of the images that you see on this site are available for use in books, magazines, newspapers, advertising, on the Internet and in many other places. I license them on a rights-managed basis. A few exceptions are those works marked, e.g., '© Weldon Owen PTY Ltd'. For these images I no longer own the copyright.
    To obtain the rights to use my artwork, send me an email with the details of your requirements, such as the publication title, the image name, the rights sought (territory and language) and the size at which the work is to be reproduced. I will also need your company name and billing address.
    Once I have received your request and I have all the information I need, I will send you a quote. Once agreed on a fee, I will make available the file(s) you need for your project, either by email, FTP, Dropbox or a similar method. I will also send you an invoice in PDF format. Occasionally I will ask for payment in advance, but my normal payment terms are within 30 days, which I can extend in some circumstances.
    You will find a list of tarifs here.