Terms and Conditions

The artwork on this site (and on space-art.co.uk) is protected by international copyright laws. You do not have the right to use these works in any way - including on a personal website or on social media - unless I have specifically granted you permission to do this. If I have granted you a royalty-free license to use these images, you are free to use them in your projects as previously agreed between us. However, even if you have a royalty-free licence, the following rules still apply to you.

  1. If I have granted you a royalty-free license, or permission to use a specific work for a specific purpose, you must still credit me whenever the work is used. Credit should take the form "All rights reserved. No unauthorised use. © Mark A. Garlick / markgarlick.com". If used in a YouTube video or similar, please ensure you credit me in the video description, in the end credits (if any) and - preferably - on screen wherever my work appears in the video.

  2. You agree not to alter the works on this site in any way. You also agree not to remove the watermarks (my name, logo and credit information) which are found on the images.

  3. You agree not to sell the works on this site, or to sell merchandise with the works printed on it.

  4. You agree not to pass works on this site to anybody else or to post them without my permission in advance on social media or personal websites.