Sea Scorpion Eurypterus

Image cropped - click to view Sea Scorpion Eurypterus


In the oceans of Earth some 539 million years ago (Cambrian period), new kinds of animals called arthropods started to appear. These animals, such as this sea scorpion Eurypterus, have a hard, segmented exoskeleton and jointed limbs in pairs. Today, arthropods are extremely diverse, including insects, arachnids, crabs and lobsters.

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Title: Sea Scorpion Eurypterus

Date: 29 Jan 2024

Medium: Blender, Photoshop

Category: Paleo

Keywords: Adobe Photoshop, animal, arthopod, Blender 3D, Cambrian period, coral, Eurypterus, extinct, paleoart, paleontology, predator, sea, sea scorpion, underwater, water