Meraxes Gigas Cut Out - V1c

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Artwork of the dinosaur Meraxes gigas, from Patagonia. Maraxes was a large theropod predator, belonging to the family of carnivores called Carcharodontosauridae, which includes Acrocanthosaurus, Mapusaurus and Giganotosaurus. Like these animals it had shark-like teeth (Carcharodontosaurus means 'shark-toothed lizard') and relatively short, three-fingered limbs. In life it would have been about 10-11 metres long, similar to the unrelated Tyrannosaurus. It lived during the Late Cretaceous period some 95 million years ago, later than Giganotosaurus.

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Title: Meraxes Gigas Cut Out - V1c

Date: 6 Aug 2022

Medium: Blender

Category: Paleo

Keywords: animal, Blender 3D, Carcharodontosauridae, carnivore, cut out, cutout, dinosaur, extinct, ferns, hunter, Late Cretaceous, Meraxes gigas, palaeontology, paleontology, theropod