ZTF J0923+4236

Image cropped - click to view ZTF J0923+4236


The white dwarf shown in the illustration is one of several that an international team of astronomers has been studying. Called ZTF J0923+4236, the star exhibits a series of dips in its brightness. The team, led by Amornrat Aungwerojwit from Naresuan University, Thailand, and Boris T. Gänsicke from Warwick University, UK, has attributed these changes in brightness to clumps of dusty and rocky material that are bound to the star in a highly elongated orbit.This material, that believe, is due to planets that are in the process of disintegrating. Eventually these clumps collide with the star and pollute its atmosphere.

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Title: ZTF J0923+4236

Date: 22 Mar 2024

Medium: Blender, Photoshop

Client: University of Warkick, Universit

Category: Space

Keywords: Adobe Photoshop, astrophysics, Blender 3D, debris, disintegration, dust, exoplanet, Naresuan, press release, ring, star, transit, Warwick, white dwarf, ZTF J0923+4236